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The Story of How I Started Working Online

September 25, 2018

I started working online in 2016. Back then, I had just finished campus and was working as an intern – really struggling financially. I needed a way out. I knew about online jobs and had even tried to get into it but failed. I was on Campus then. I remember opening an account in Iwriter and my first two articles got rejected. I gave up and dismissed online jobs as a scam or something that was too hard to get into.


I knew some people who were earning online but were reluctant to share the knowledge. My turning point was when the government launched Ajira and declared online work is real. That’s when I believed it. There was no way the government would declare such a statement without having done some due diligence first. I will forever be grateful to the government for launching Ajira and declaring that online work is real.

Am also grateful for my friend Brian who informed me the place and time the launch was taking place. I went. At the launch I got an opportunity to meet bigwigs in online work like Sheeroh Kiarie, one of the most successful transcribers in Kenya and David Mbugua, also doing very great working as a video captioner. Everything became even more real when they gave their testimonies. Online work had enabled them to buy land, build houses and generally lead comfortable lives.

At that moment I knew it had to work for me – do or die. It had to work. Immediately after the launch, I enrolled in Sheeroh Kairieh’s virtual transcription training at cost of two thousand shillings. The training was worth it. To start working as a transcriber, I got someone to help me with the Gotranscript account at a cost of one thousand shillings.

After the transcription training, it was time to learn writing. I sighed up for Walter Akolo’s article and blog writing training which was also great. After these two skills, I was confident I was ready to work. I started by working with an experienced online worker call for about 3 months. After that asked my dad for a loan of 25 thousand shillings and bought an article writing account called Textbroker. Within two weeks, I made back the money I used to buy the account and was now earning profit. This account gave me the confidence that I can make a full-time income working online and the rest is history.

I am so grateful to the government of Kenya for launching Ajira and giving me the confidence that online work is real. If it were not for the government, I don’t think I could have started working online. If you are looking for free, high quality training and mentorship in online work, contact Ajira.

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    That’s great Caroline.

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