Quick Lessons from the Dell Digital Forum in Nairobi

April 10, 2019

1. Digital transformation will not reduce jobs, it will create new jobs that require a different set of skills
2. Going digital is not a choice, not only for private companies and businesses but also for government
4. Digital disruptions have led to the development of an unfaithful customer in the banking industry

5. By 2025, 25 billion devices will be connected
6. It’s no longer a matter of whether to go cloud or not, but rather, how many ‘clouds’ should we use and for which purposes
7. More organizations are becoming more and more people-centric
8. The most desirable outcomes for digital transformation is transparency and efficiency
9. Customers with a good multi-cloud strategy can recover 96% faster from and have lower failure rates
10. 81% of business must transform digitally to remain relevant
11. 12. 70% of IT downtime is caused by human error
13. The security battle is moving to hardware
15. In the near future, 42% of employees will quit their jobs due to poor technology
16. When deploying technology, it is important to put the employee first and not the technology
17. In the modern workspace, smart spaces is the heart of workforce collaboration
19. The business which will make data insights faster than it’s competitors will be the winner
20. Thanks to technology, agriculture is no longer a conservative industry; farmers are using data analytics to become better farmers
21. Artificial intelligence is applied to three main sectors: human processes, business processes and infrastructure
22. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for 26 billion dollars because of the value of data
23. According to the ICT PS Kenya, Jerome Ochieng, Technology is at the heart of the delivery of the big four agenda in Kenya




Venue: Villa Rosa Kempinski, Nairobi

Date: 9th April, 2019


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