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OPPO F9 Review: After 7 Months of Use

March 26, 2019


  1. Very Descent battery life. When fully charged, the phone’s full battery can last to up to 10 hours in a day (3500 mAh)
  2. VOOC Charging. This is the first fast charge phone I have owned and am really happy with it. The VOOC charger that comes with the phone is able to charge your phone from zero to 100% in only 40 minutes. I have never had to plug the phone the whole night, something I used to do with the previous phones I have owned. The ‘5-minute charge, 2-hour talk is true’

  1. Light: The phone is not heavy and can easily fit in your pocket
  2. Camera: When the lighting is good, you will get very high-quality selfies and pictures
  3. Speed: The phone is very fast and I have never had any instances of the phone hanging
  4. I love how big the internal storage is (64GB). This allows you the flexibility to have as many applications,  photos, videos, and documents installed and stored on the phone. I have never felt I needed extra storage in terms of a memory card
  5. The phone has a Gorilla glass screen that makes it so hard to break. The phone has fallen down a couple of times and doesn’t have a single crack on it yet.
  6. I love the fingerprint sensor. It makes the work of unlocking the screen so painless


  1. At night/ when there is low light, the selfies are low quality

Overall Comments

I generally love the phone and think it is worth the amount you pay for it


Between Ksh 30,000 – 35,000, depending on where you are buying the phone from and whether or not there is an offer

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