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Midlands 033 Hotel Review

April 7, 2019

Midlands 033 from the outside


I gotta say, when I heard I am going to Narok County for one week for work, I thought Narok is a very boring place. Well, Narok is not as boring as I thought. I guess thanks to Devolution.  Narok town has a good number of hotels and resorts, and a very large mall with Tuskys supermarket. I didn’t get time to go to the mall but am sure it is good enough.

I really liked the hotel I stayed in Midlands 033 Hotel – a 3-star hotel. This place was home for me. I felt comfortable and secure at the Midlands 033 hotel. I loved my room. I loved the bar and the restaurant. I loved the food!  Midlands 033 hotel is very cool and affordable and would recommend it to anyone visiting Narok County for a short or long stay.


  1. Very classy, self-contained and spacious rooms with a balcony

My room

My bathroom

  1. The food is so nice. Every meal I tool while at Midlands was sumptuous. Kudos to the chef. I almost stole him. The food is also relatively affordable.

Dinner time at the bar

  1. Amenities: a bar, restaurant, a conference room, and private meeting rooms

The bar

  1. Adequate parking
  2. The place is always clean

  1. Good lighting – both inside the rooms and along the corridors
  2. Affordable. The room per night is 1500/- And you get total value for your money
  3. They have a DJ at the bar every night. How cool is that?

The bar

  1. The staff are very helpful and friendly
  2. The location of the Hotel  is secure and easily accessible – at the town center
  3. The place feels homely


  1. I honestly cannot think of any con about this place at this point.

Overall Comments

  1. Awesome and affordable


1500/- per night

Private Meeting Rooms





For more information,

Phone:  0710451355
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