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Movie Review

5 Reasons Why Creed II is my Favorite 2018 Movie

December 22, 2018

I had a lot of fun watching this movie at the cinema the other day. Here are the reasons why;

  1. The Characters: The movie is staring Sylvestor Stallone and Micheal B Jordan. Both of them are legends in the acting industry and have earned several awards to show for it. And I think we can all agree than Micheal is a very good looking guy(it helps … Just saying)
  2. The story line: the movie has a very powerful storyline that is based on vengeance and legacy. Micheal B Jordan(Adonis Creed) is up against the challenge of his life in the ring. He is has to fight a very strong opponent who is has ties to the death of his father. Rocky(Sylvestor Stallone) is by his side through it all.

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