Book Review

Book Review: Things I Will Tell My Daughter, by Joan Thatiah

March 20, 2018

I have never had so much fun reading a book. I like how real Joan Thatiah gets in the book, calling it like it is. In my life, I record significant growth from people who don’t kiss my ass.

My takeaways from the book;

  1. You don’t have to show up all the time. Sometimes, it’s ok to let someone else do. The truth is there is no guarantee that people will return the favor when you need them to. And this doesn’t make you selfish.
  2. If you are going to call yourself a feminist, the least I can do is be an informed one.
  3. Your unfortunate life’s circumstances doesn’t make you entitled to anything. Life is not fair and the world owes you nothing.
  4. Owning your nude form will rule out the possibility of others using it against you.
  5. See people as individuals first before seeing their gender.
  6. The girl code does not belong in the boardroom.
  7. Gender roles have shifted, and the African man does not mind a woman who comes on to him. He is intrigued by a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it.
  8. The kind of man who will think that you are easy because you came on to him or because you said you liked him and wanted to date him is the kind of man you shouldn’t have any interest in in the first place.
  9. An ambitious man is one who is self-driven and hardworking. There’s comfort and security in the hands of such a man.
  10. It is better to be alone than to be in a relationship where you have to play small to be accepted.
  11. A marriage to the emotionally unavailable man is a very lonely experience.
  12. That belief that you should play wife so that you can prove to a man that you are a good wife material should be thrown out the window.
  13. Marriage and cohabitation aren’t interchangeable. They mean different things.
  14. Don’t make your career decisions around your relationship because of a man who has not committed to you.
  15. Sleeping with the boss might give you that cozy corner office, but it doesn’t give you power.
  16. That mentality that a woman should be more masculine to succeed in a male-dominated field is outdated.
  17. Do not buy a car before you own a home.
  18. Money is not evil. It’s simply a means to an end. It leads to a better quality of life, better education and better healthcare. What is evil about that?
  19. The corporate world is no place for a woman who cannot take credit for her achievements.
  20. Sexual harassment had little to do with the victim’s morals or dress code. They come after you simply because they can. It has everything to do with power.
  21. Family is not limited to blood.
  22. When you ask for child support, it isn’t not about the man. It is about the child and about you. You owe it to your child to try and get it.
  23. If your son’s father wants to be involved in his son’s life, let him. It takes a village to raise a man and the truth is a woman cannot teach his son to be a man.
  24. Father’s play a have a distinct role in their daughters’ lives.
  25. Do not stay for the children.
  26. Before getting off the pill, make sure you are emotionally and financially able to support your child.
  27. You don’t need to have children to feel validated as a woman. Being childless is a valid choice.



  • Reply Alex Ahaza March 25, 2018 at 4:32 pm

    Sounds an interesting book, where can I buy it,? Thanks.

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