Quick Lessons from the Dell Digital Forum in Nairobi

April 10, 2019

1. Digital transformation will not reduce jobs, it will create new jobs that require a different set of skills
2. Going digital is not a choice, not only for private companies and businesses but also for government
4. Digital disruptions have led to the development of an unfaithful customer in the banking industry

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Product Review

Midlands 033 Hotel Review

April 7, 2019

Midlands 033 from the outside


I gotta say, when I heard I am going to Narok County for one week for work, I thought Narok is a very boring place. Well, Narok is not as boring as I thought. I guess thanks to Devolution.  Narok town has a good number of hotels and resorts, and a very large mall with Tuskys supermarket. I didn’t get time to go to the mall but am sure it is good enough.

I really liked the hotel I stayed in Midlands 033 Hotel – a 3-star hotel. This place was home for me. I felt comfortable and secure at the Midlands 033 hotel. I loved my room. I loved the bar and the restaurant. I loved the food!  Midlands 033 hotel is very cool and affordable and would recommend it to anyone visiting Narok County for a short or long stay. Continue Reading…

Product Review

OPPO F9 Review: After 7 Months of Use

March 26, 2019


  1. Very Descent battery life. When fully charged, the phone’s full battery can last to up to 10 hours in a day (3500 mAh)
  2. VOOC Charging. This is the first fast charge phone I have owned and am really happy with it. The VOOC charger that comes with the phone is able to charge your phone from zero to 100% in only 40 minutes. I have never had to plug the phone the whole night, something I used to do with the previous phones I have owned. The ‘5-minute charge, 2-hour talk is true’

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Movie Review

5 Reasons Why Creed II is my Favorite 2018 Movie

December 22, 2018

I had a lot of fun watching this movie at the cinema the other day. Here are the reasons why;

  1. The Characters: The movie is staring Sylvestor Stallone and Micheal B Jordan. Both of them are legends in the acting industry and have earned several awards to show for it. And I think we can all agree than Micheal is a very good looking guy(it helps … Just saying)
  2. The story line: the movie has a very powerful storyline that is based on vengeance and legacy. Micheal B Jordan(Adonis Creed) is up against the challenge of his life in the ring. He is has to fight a very strong opponent who is has ties to the death of his father. Rocky(Sylvestor Stallone) is by his side through it all.

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I am Finally Acne Free!

November 8, 2018

Let me start by saying that I am happy, like really happy. My face is finally acne free. For two months now, I have not had a single breakout. It is not perfect, but I like what I see when I look in the mirror. I still have black spots here and there from my previous breakouts but they are barely visible. I have a feeling that things are only getting better as far as my skin is concerned. Continue Reading…


About Last Thursday – Breaking Down What UX Means

October 8, 2018

Of late I’ve been having fun attending IT events. I just want to keep myself updated in this field I claim to belong to. Last Thursday I went to Safaricom Alpha for an event on ‘Breaking down what UX means’. The speaker was Ich Gichuki, a UX designer from a startup called Utu. Very passionate guy. I learned quite a lot on UX from him. I am so glad I dragged my ass out of the house.

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